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digischool Digischool’s philosophy is captured in the phrase “Equipped Teaching and Easy Learning.” HCL Digischool is a comprehensive solution for effective and interactive teaching-learning in the K12 segment. Digischool integrates seamlessly with the diversified educational requirements of the Indian curriculum followed across various boards.

digischool - Multimedia based Interactive and Learning

Digischool is about making learning fun and meaningful. Those days are not far behind us when a typical school day involved listening to a lecture, taking extensive notes, reading from the textbook, and completing lots of homework assignments. Today, however, we’re moving into a new paradigm of teaching and learning. Digischool is taking the lead in getting us there--Quickly--and smoothly.

The Technology toolbox

An important aspect of the 21st century learning model is a comprehensive infrastructure for learning that provides every student and educator with the resources they need, when and where they need them. Infrastructure includes people, processes, learning resources, policies, and sustainable models for continuous improvement, in addition to connectivity, servers, software, management systems and administration tools.

Here's what makes Digischool's content approach unique:

Typography Incorporates sound Instructional Design methodology Uses multimedia instruction - a combination of images, animations, video and audio Has quality graphics and engaging animations Incorporates meaningful interactivities Uses an interactive whiteboard World class content for all major subjects as per prescribed guidelines of NCF /State Boards Key Teacher Intervention Points, addresses various learning styles. XML Technology allowing easy updates. Can be used on various platforms like whiteboards, computers, the Web and so on. Provision for integrating with current technologies like clickers/student response system, mobile learning and so on.

Benefits To Students

TypographyThe courses provide students with rich exposure to knowledge and techniques in order to build their aptitude for various competitive examinations. Specialized result-oriented coaching/training for IIT-JEE by subject experts, in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Video Conferencing Teaching supported by Systematic Class Notes, Comprehensive Study Material (DPPs and Sheets) and Interactive Doubt Discussion Sessions. Comprehensive course content that supports students’ enhanced performance in various competitive examinations at the National/State Level in addition to School/Board examinations. Scientific pedagogy that blends classroom teaching techniques with home assignments and self-study time.

We believe in removing barriers in learning! We believe